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Questions and Tests Manager [Download]

Software very useful to teachers of all areas and disciplines, allowing insertion, classification and draw of questions in order to generate the most varied tests possible, which can be exported in DOC or PDF format and printed for distribution to students.  


The main features are:

Allows the teacher:

  • insert all kinds of questions, such as dissertative, objective with one or multiple answers, "true or false" and "associate columns".
  • organize the questions by subjects, topics, subtopics and difficulty levels.
  • search questions by subject or specific terms.
  • insert images in the questions and answers.

Tests Creation
You can create a test, an exercise list, or any set of questions you want to put together in a document. You can create as many tests as you like by selecting the questions or using the draw feature offered by the software, which chooses the questions according to the desired options (by type, subject or level of difficulty, for example).

The created tests can be exported in DOC (Word) or PDF format. These files can be printed and distributed to students. The test can be customized with a logo and a text for the header. You may also see the answer grid (filled in or out) at the end of the test.


Note: This software does not have a database with questions. It is a manager in which you must register your questions. Therefore, it does not contain previously registered questions.


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